Located in the Atlantic Ocean off North Carolina’s coast, the island of Bermuda is just a two-hour nonstop flight from most eastern U.S. airports. Attracting adventure seekers, explorers, romantics and originals, Bermuda is where people, cultures, and an alluring mystique swirl together, connecting visitors to a place far from their everyday life. The island’s legendary pink-sand beaches, frozen-in-time historic towns, and pastel-coloured buildings stand out at first. But it’s Bermuda’s original, ever-evolving take on island life that brings travellers out here again and again. The Bermuda experience is elegantly relaxed and genuinely warm, celebrating culture, revelling in nature and staying open to whatever is around the bend. Recently, the 35th America’s Cup, held in Bermuda May and June of 2017, brought a fresh energy to the destination, with new and redeveloped hotels, must-visit attractions and restaurants adding to the island spirit.

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