CR-FELTP: News and Current Events

CR-FELTP Level 2 Training Programme Face to Face Workshop: 28th Nov - 3rd December


CR-FELTP Training Program: Frontline and Intermediate Graduation – June 15th and June 17th 2022

CR-FELTP is a multitiered training initiative geared towards increasing disease surveillance and outbreak/emergency response in CARPHA Member States (CMS). Programme fellows are ‘Disease detectives’ providing essential boots on the ground service during public health emergencies. Last week, the CR-FELTP graduated 28 Frontline FETP graduates and 7 Intermediate graduates collectively from 10 different CMS. All graduates have been supporting country COVID-19 pandemic response in varying capacities over the past two years, with outbreak investigation and surveillance, clinical management, health promotion and vaccine hesitancy studies. These health professionals contribute significantly to much-needed Human Resources for Health in the Caribbean and the enhancement of Regional Health Security.

Frontline FETP Graduation: 15th June 2022


Intermediate CR-FELTP Graduation: 17th June 2022



Suriname Training and graduation 2015

Other Graduations

CR-FELTP Level II Training 2015

Mosquito Pupal survey 2017 – Trinidad