Field Epidemiology Scientific Conferences

Field Epidemiology Scientific Conferences are an excellent opportunity for FETP graduates to showcase the work that they are integrally involved in at the country level. Graduates typically submit abstracts to conference organizers and if selected, present either oral presentations or posters during conference sessions. A range of themes are selected at these conferences including communicable and non-communicable diseases. A major FETP scientific conference is organized by Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions Network (TEPHINET) on a Global level and Regional level during alternate years. These conferences allow for continuing professional development, networking among different FETPs, sharing of information and best practices to strengthen training programmes. Other major FETP conferences and meetings that are held regularly, include those hosted by the EIS, AFENET, ESCAIDE, ICEID, as well as, several Regional and sub-regional FETP network meetings.

2.TEPHINET Scientific Conference of The Americans - 2018