Caribbean Network of Research Ethics Committees

Models for Communication and Collaboration

There are three models that can be used for communication and collaboration between CANREC members involved in evaluating research proposals that span their various jurisdictions. For these models to function effectively the following should be taken into consideration:

1. Review by Several RECs/IRBs

  • Committees can work together and coordinate the review;
  • A communication method or tool must be decided on;
  • The Principal Investigator (PI) should address any inconsistencies across the submissions;
  • A form must be designed on which the PI can list:
    • Names of RECs/IRBs involved;
    • Contact details for the RECs/IRBs that the research proposal to be reviewed will be submitted to, and this should be made available to all parties.

2. Review Delegated to an External or Multi-institutional REC/IRB

  • Here, the countries or institutions facilitate ethical review by one Committee, whether nationally or regionally;
  • A communication agreement (Reliance Agreement) is to be drafted and used between all the relevant committees.

3.Reciprocal REC/IRB Review

  • Here, official agreements may be used between participating RECs/IRBs to accept each other’s ethical review. This can be across the board, or on a case-by-case basis.


In choosing the appropriate review model, always consider the research context, and the characteristics of the population.

Issues to Consider

  1. The discipline & content area of the research, and availability of appropriate experience & expertise available to the reviewing RECs/IRBs;
  2. The scope of the project;
  3. The vulnerability of the study population;
  4. The particular characteristics of the local population at the individual sites, including any differences in values and cultural norms;
  5. The level of risk associated with the research;
  6. Any relevant differences in laws related to the research where the institutions are in different countries;
  7. Conflict resolution mechanisms related to decisions by the RECs/IRBs.

Communication and Collaboration Under Emergency Conditions

Aarons, D. Research in epidemic and emergency situations: A model for collaboration and expediting ethics review in two Caribbean countries. Developing World Bioethics, 2017

Members' Contact Information


Dr. Aisha Andrewin
c/o IRB Chair

Antigua & Barbuda

Mr. Colin O'Keiffe
c/o IRB Chair


Ms. Janet Hall
c/o Ethics Secretariat


Dr. Mike Campbell
c/o Campus Research Ethics Committee, Cave Hill, Barbados

Kristina Bryant
c/o Campus Research Ethics Committee, Cave Hill, Barbados


Dr. Gerado Aldana
Hummingbird Ave P.O. Box 340, Belmopan Cayo District, Belize Central America Belize
+501 8243775 ext. 4005

Dr. Danladi Husaini
Vice Chair


Dr. Richard Fulton
c/o IRB Chair

cc: Dr. Shawnee Basden
Chair, BHB Research Ethics Sub-committee


Dr. Maira Du Plessis
c/o IRB Chair

cc: Mr. Kareem Coonamsingh,MPH
IRB Adminsitrator
St. George's University IRB True Blue St. George Grenada
(473) 444-4175 x 3221 / 1-1473-449-9295


Michelle France

Pauline Howard

Dr. Dawn Stewart

Michelle Smith


Ministry of Health
Professor Archibald McDonald
National Advisory Panel on Ethics and Medicolegal Affairs

Mrs. Cynthia Lewis Graham
Director, Standards & Regulation
Ministry of Health

cc Ms. Elizabeth Anderson

Mrs. Stacian Williams-Maitland
Research Officer
Advisory Panel on Ethics & Medico-Legal Affairs
Ministry of Health & Wellness 45 – 47 Barbados Avenue Kingston Jamaica

UWI, Mona
Professor Helen Trotman-Edwards
Campus Research Committee, Mona Jamaica

Dr. Georgiana Gordon Strachan
c/o Campus Research Committee, Mona Jamaica

Mrs Elva Langott-Latham
Ethics Administrator
Campus Research Committee, Mona Jamaica
876 873-7431

Ministry of National Security
Ms. Racquel Artwell
c/o Ministry of National Security Ethics
Committee Chair
876-906-4908 ext 3090 or 876-619-1265

University of Technology (UTech)
Mr. Balford Lewis
c/o University of Technology (UTech)
Research Ethics Committee Chair

St. Lucia

Dr. Sherry Ephraim-Le Compte
c/o Ethics Committee Chair

St. Vincent & the Grenedines

Dr. Sherry Ephraim-Le Compte
Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache
Chief Medical Officer/ Chair - Research and Ethics Committee
Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment

cc: Dr. Tamara Bobb
Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health


Currently, the Committee for Human-Related Scientific Research (CMWO) or the Medical Ethics Committee has been dissolved. Since we are no longer a competent institute from the ministry, we can no longer process your applications and also not issue statements, advice and / or perform work in the context and extension of scientific research. We therefore refer you to the Minister of Health for the further processing of your requests and protocols.

Trinidad & Tobago

University of the Southern Caribbean
Ms. Gersha Pierre
c/o University of the Southern Caribbean IRB Chair

Dr. Susan Chand
1-868-662-2241/42 Ext 1655 (Office)

University of Trinidad & Tobago
Dr. Vashti Singh
c/o University of Trinidad & Tobago
IRB Chair

University of the West Indies
Prof Jerome De Lisle
UWI Campus Research Ethics Committee
St. Augustine Trinidad and Tobago

Tennille Fanovich (Ms.)
UWI Campus Research Ethics Committee
St. Augustine Trinidad and Tobago
868-662-2002 EXT 82755 749-4880 mobile

Emily Dick-Forde
UWI Campus Research Ethics Committee, Open Campus

North Central Regional Health Authority
Dr. Chavin Gopaul
Head – Public Health Observatory NCRHA
c/o North Central Regional Health Authority Ethics Committee Member

Akil Williams

Eastern Regional Health Authority
Dr. Cindy Ann Badaloo
Eastern Regional Health Authority REC Chair

cc: Mr. Keston Daniel
Vice Chair

North-West Regional Health Authority
North-West Regional Health Authority REC
(868) 625-1295, 627-2874, 624-7134 or 627-2278 Ext. 1215

Turks & Caicos Islands

Mrs. Mary Forbes
c/o Health Research Committee Chair

Dr. Shandey Malcolm

Copy: Florinda Talbot
649-338-5129 (work)

Dr. Henry Blythe
Ethics Committee
Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital
PO Box 1044 Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Regional: CARPHA

Dr. Andrea Kanneh

Dr. Michael Campbell

Ms. Kevah Alexander
622-0895 ext 40204