• CARPHA/CARICOM 6-Point Policy Package
  • CARICOM Agriculture Food and Nutrition Cluster
  • CARICOM Agricultural Health and Food Safety Systems Thematic Group
  • Collaboration with IAEA: IAEA Technical Cooperation with The English-Speaking Caribbean:
    • The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the group of English-Speaking Caribbean IAEA Member States (ESCIMS) have worked closely together to prepare a Regional Strategic Profile the Caribbean (RSP) for 2020–2026 to identify the most acute regional needs that can be addressed using nuclear technology. Two areas of importance to CARPHA with respect to Nutrition are captured under the following Thematic Areas:
      • AGRICULTURE (FOOD SAFETY, SECURITY AND NUTRITION) with the main objective of improving the quality and safety of foods.
      • HUMAN HEALTH with two key objectives: (i) to create the conditions for preparation, with the use of isotope techniques, of body composition reference curves for each country of the region for use in the development of public policies to fight child malnutrition; and (ii) to use stable isotopes to assess the quality of nutrients in foods consumed across the region with strong emphasis on carbohydrates and fats, as well as the availability of nutrients in unprocessed foods typically used in meal plans across the region.


  • CARPHA Integrated Surveillance Reports
  • Fact Sheets and brochures (e.g. Parents’ Guide to a Healthier Child prepared in 2015
  • Safeguarding Our Future Development: Plan of Action for Promoting Healthy Weights in the Caribbean: Prevention and Control of Childhood Obesity 2014 - 2019
  • State of Public Health in the Caribbean Region- Inaugural Report, 2013
  • State of Public Health Report 2014-2016
  • State of Public Health Report 2019
  • PowerPoint Presentation on the 6-Point Policy Package (by Dr. Andrea Yearwood)
  • Regional Sodium Framework Knowledge Bank Webpage
  • Technical Recommendations for the Development of Nutrition Standards for Caribbean Schools