External Consultancies

May 2023

Consultant for strengthening routine immunization programs in Suriname

The Special Program on Comprehensive Immunizations (CIM) of the Pan American Health Organization promotes, coordinates, and implements technical cooperation at the regional, subregional and country levels, emphasizing strong National Immunization Programs that throughout the years have made a significant contribution to reducing infant mortality from vaccine-preventable diseases. Maintaining the achievements made, as well as addressing existing gaps in coverage, epidemiological surveillance, and...
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March 2023

OECS Request for Quotation Supply of Waste Receptacles for Montserrat Reference No. RFQ-OECS Commission-ReMLit MonWR#001

REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSupply of Waste Receptacles for Montserrat Reference No. RFQ-OECS Commission-ReMLit MonWR#001  The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) has received a grant from the Government of Norway through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and intends to apply the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contracts for which this Request for Quotation (RFQ) is issued. In this regard:  You are invited to submit your price quotation(s) for the supply ...
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CALL FOR REGISTRATION AS SUPPLIERS FOR HEALTH COMMODITIES (Medicines, Vaccines, Medical Supplies, In Vitro Diagnostics, Dental Supplies and Assistive devices)

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States- Pooled Procurement Services (OECS/PPS) is the central procurement agency for Health Commodities for the OECS Member States. Consequently, the OECS/PPS is reaching out to reputable Manufacturers and distributors to register for suppliers to be pre-qualified in line with OECS/PPS procurement guidelines as preferred suppliers. All suppliers and manufacturers MUST register to be prequalified with the OECS/PPS. Please note that registering does not mean t...
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