23 June 2021

Second Secretary-Embassies of the Eastern Caribbean States in the Kingdom of Morocco : Closing Date: Monday 13th July 2021



Under the leadership of the Ambassador, the Second Secretary is responsible for ensuring the efficient and cost-effective delivery of the mandates of the Embassy. The Second Secretary will be required to perform the following key duties: 


  • Provide advice and guide the implementation of programmes and projects in pursuit of trade/commerce, investment in areas of strategic importance for Member states, and cultural exchange between Member states and Morocco.
  • Work toward ensuring that the Member States derive the maximum possible benefit from commercial and investment opportunities in Morocco and the wider African theatre.
  • Conduct research, gather intelligence, and prepare analytical briefs and reports and other documentation on opportunities for trade/commerce, investment and cultural cooperation for the information of Member States.
  • Plan and organize events geared at the promotion of opportunities for investment, trade/commerce, and cultural cooperation and exchange in Member States, Morocco, or other countries in the African theatre in which the Member States indicate an interest.
  • Liaise closely with Member State national agencies, whether in capital or overseas-based in the promotion of the commercial (including tourism) and investment interests of the respective states in Morocco or other countries in the African theatre in which the Member States indicate an interest.
  • Carry out such other related duties as may be required or assigned by the Ambassador/Head of Mission or his delegate.

The deadline for all submissions is Monday 13th July 2021. All future employee must apply through this link.


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